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Variational description of continuum states

ECT* Colloquium
Prof. Alejandro Kievsky
05 Oct 2016 - 14:30
ECT* Conference room

Few-nucleon systems can be seen as a theoretical laboratory where ground state and scattering properties can be studied and compared to the available experimental data.  As it is well known the NN data is used to construct realistic models for the NN interaction and in this context the three-nucleon system is the smallest system where studying three-nucleon forces. Due to the existence of very few bound states in light nuclei, most of this study has to be done studying the continuum. In the present talk I will discuss a variational approach based on the Kohn variational principle and expressed in terms of integral relations well suited to study continuum properties. I particular I will show how to extract the collision matrix using a bound state expansion basis without imposing the specific asymptotic behavior. The case of the Coulomb potential will be explicitly discussed.