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Resumming double non-global logarithms in the evolution of a jet

Y. Hatta, E. Iancu, A.H. Mueller, D.N. Triantafyllopoulos
We consider the Banfi-Marchesini-Smye (BMS) equation which resums non-global energy logarithms in the QCD evolution of the energy lost by a pair of jets via soft radiation at large angles. We identify a new physical regime where, besides the energy logarithms, one has to also resum (anti)collinear logarithms. Such a regime occurs when the jets are highly collimated (boosted) and the relative angles between successive soft gluon emissions are strongly increasing. These anti-collinear emissions can violate the correct time-ordering for time-like cascades and result in large radiative corrections enhanced by double collinear logs, making the BMS evolution unstable beyond leading order. We isolate the first such a correction in a recent calculation of the BMS equation to next-to-leading order by Caron-Huot. To overcome this difficulty, we construct a collinearly-improved version of the leading-order BMS equation which resums the double collinear logarithms to all orders. Our construction is inspired by a recent treatment of the Balitsky-Kovchegov (BK) equation for the high-energy evolution of a space-like wavefunction, where similar time-ordering issues occur. We show that the conformal mapping relating the leading-order BMS and BK equations correctly predicts the physical time-ordering, but it fails to predict the detailed structure of the collinear improvement.
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JHEP 02 (2018) 075