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Process-independent effective coupling. From QCD Green's functions to phenomenology

Jose Rodríguez-Quintero, Daniele Binosi, Cédric Mezrag, Joannis Papavassiliou, Craig D. Roberts.
This article reports on a very recent proposal for a new type of process-independent QCD effective charge [Phys.Rev.D96(2017)054026] defined, as an anologue of the Gell-Mann-Low effective charge in QCD, on the ground of nothing but the knowledge of the gauge-field two-point Green's function, albeit modified within a particular computational framework; namely, the combination of pinch technique and background field method which makes possible a systematic rearranging of classes of diagrams in order to redefine the Green's function and have them obey linear QED-like Slavnov-Taylor identities. We have here calculated that effective charge, shown how strikingly well it compares to a process-dependent effective charge based on the Bjorken sum rule; and, finally, employed it in an exploratory calculation of the proton electromagnetic form factor in the hard scattering regime.
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Few Body Syst. 59 (2018) no.6, 121