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Weakly-bound systems: clustering, correlations, and reactions

ECT* Colloquium
M. Ploszajczak (GANIL)
06 Nov 2013 - 14:00
ECT* Conference room

Nuclei are prototypical mesoscopic quantum systems and excellent laboratories of many-body physics. Loosely bound nuclei are currently at the centre of interest in nuclear physics in problems related to the limits of stability of nuclear matter and nucleosynthesis. Since nuclear properties are profoundly affected by environment of the many-body continuum representing scattering and decay channels, a simultaneous understanding of the structural and reaction aspects is at the centre of understanding short-lived nucleonic matter.

We will review recent progress in the shell model description of nuclear open quantum systems in terms of the continuum shell model.

The interplay between Hermitian and anti-Hermitian (through the decay channels) configuration mixing creates complicated collective phenomena which will be discussed on the examples of resonance trapping and super-radiance, clustering in the vicinity of cluster-decay threshold, and multichannel coupling effects in shell occupancies.

The role of reaction channels involving continuum states of the target will be illustrated in studies of the low-energy proton elastic cross-sections