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ECT* researchers' talks


Advances in ab initio nuclear matter from a Green's function perspective

Seminar given at the University of Barcelona, 6 November 2018, 06 Nov 2018
Author: Arianna Carbone

Quark and Meson Spectral Functions with the Functional Renormalization Group

Talk at ECT* workshop on "Emergent mass and its consequences in the Standard Model", 19 Sep 2018

Predicting the symmetry energy from saturating potentials

Talk delivered at: NuSYM18, 10-13 September 2018 (Busan, South Korea), 13 Sep 2018
Author: Arianna Carbone

Two-nucleon emitters within a pseudostate approach

XXII International Conference on "Few-body Problems in Physics" (FB22), Caen, France, 12 Jul 2018
Author: Jesus Casal

Forward particle production in proton-nucleus collisions at NLO

Talk at the workshop "QCD at Work", Matera, Italy, 25 Jun 2018

Spectral Properties of Matter Under Extreme Conditions: What have we learned from Photons?

New Frontiers in QCD 2018: Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics , 22 Jun 2018
PDF: PDF icon Kyoto.pdf
Author: Jochen Wambach

Quantum mechanics and artificial intelligence: much ado about what?

UNITN seminars on Quantum, Algebra and Geometry, 20 Jun 2018

Linking structure and dynamics in (p,pN) reactions induced by Borromean nuclei

DREB2018, Matsue, Japan, 08 Jun 2018
Author: Jesus Casal

Nonequilibrium axial charge production in expanding Glasma flux tubes

ECT* Workshop "Gauge Topology 3: from Lattice to Colliders", 01 Jun 2018
Author: Naoto Tanji

Nonequilibrium axial charge production in expanding Glasma flux tubes

Talk at SFB-TR 211 Meeting, Darmstadt, Germany, 25 May 2018
Author: Naoto Tanji