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ECT* researchers' talks


IR properties of QCD from the Batalin-Vilkovisky framework

Invited talk at conference ""The many faces of QCD" (November 1-5 2010, Gent, Belgium) , 03 Nov 2010
Author: Daniele Binosi

Infrared sector of QCD: Lattice versus Schwinger-Dyson

Invited talk at conference "QCD @ work 2010" (20-23 June 2010 Martina Franca, Valle d'Itria, Italy) , 22 Jun 2010
Author: Daniele Binosi

Dynamical gluon mass and the IR sector of QCD

Plenary talk at conference "Light Cone 2010: Relativistic Hadronic and Particle Physics (LC2010)" (June, 14-18 2010, Valencia, Spain) , 15 Jun 2010
Author: Daniele Binosi