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ECT* researchers' talks


Selected topics in the physics of low-energy nuclear reactions

Invited Seminar at the University of Surrey, UK, 23 Jun 2016

Molecular structures in slow nuclear collisions

Invited Talk at the ECT* Workshop "Towards Consistent Approaches for Nuclear Structure and Reactions", Trento, Italy, 08 Jun 2016

Progress in higher order CGC computations

Plenary talk at the conference "Initial Stages in High Energy Nuclear Collisions", Lisbon, Portugal, 24 May 2016

Full NLO corrections for DIS structure functions in the dipole factorization formalism

Talk at the 3rd International Conference on the Initial Stages in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions (InitialStages2016), 23-27 May 2016, IST Lisbon Portugal, 24 May 2016

Resummation of large transverse logarithms in the high energy evolution of color dipoles

Talk at the workshop "QCD at Cosmic Energies VII", Chalkida, Greece, 20 May 2016

Spectral functions and transport coefficients from the Functional Renormalization Group

ECT* Workshop on "Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems", 04 May 2016

Exact vector channel sum rules at finite temperature

Talk at the ECT* workshop "Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems", 02 May 2016
Author: Philipp Gubler

Phi meson in nuclear matter and the strangeness content of the nucleon

Seminar, TUM, Munich, Germany, 18 Apr 2016
Author: Philipp Gubler

Linking structure and reaction dynamics in the formation and decay of new elements

Invited Talk at the Third Topical Workshop on Modern Aspects in Nuclear Structure, Bormio, Italy, 27 Feb 2016

Modelling low-energy reaction dynamics of complex atomic nuclei from a time-dependent quantum perspective

Colloquium at the Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics, Heidelberg, Germany , 20 Jan 2016