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Diffractive Dijet Production in Deep Inelastic Scattering and Photon-Hadron Collisions in the Color Glass Condensate

T. Altinoluk
N. Armesto
G. Beuf
A. Rezaeian
We study diffractive dijet production in deep inelastic scattering and real (and virtual) photon-hadron collisions in the Color Glass Condensate formalism at leading order. We show that the diffractive dijet cross section is sensitive to the color-dipole orientation in the transverse plane, and is a good probe of possible correlations between the quark-antiquark dipole transverse separation vector r and the dipole impact parameter b . We also investigate the diffractive dijet azimuthal angle correlations and t-distributions in photon-hadron collisions and show that they are sensitive to gluon saturation effects in the small-x region. In particular, we show that the t-distribution of diffractive dijet photo-production off a proton target exhibits a dip-type structure in the saturation region. This effect is similar to diffractive vector meson production. Besides, at variance with the inclusive case, the effect of saturation leads to stronger azimuthal correlations between the jets.
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Phys.Lett. B758 (2016) 373-383