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Nuclear structure corrections to the Lamb shift in μ3He+ and μ3H

Nir Nevo Dinur, Chen Ji, Sonia Bacca, Nir Barnea
Measuring the 2S-2P Lamb shift in a hydrogen-like muonic atom allows one to extract its nuclear charge radius with a high precision that is limited by the uncertainty in the nuclear structure corrections. The charge radius of the proton thus extracted was found to be 7-sigma away from the CODATA value, in what has become the yet unsolved "proton radius puzzle". Further experiments currently aim at the isotopes of hydrogen and helium: the precise extraction of their radii may provide a hint at the solution of the puzzle. We present the first ab initio calculation of nuclear structure corrections, including the nuclear polarization correction, to the 2S-2P transition in μ3He+ and μ3H, and assess solid theoretical error bars. Our predictions reduce the uncertainty in the nuclear structure corrections to the level of a few percents and will be instrumental to the on-going μ3He+ experiment. We also support the mirror μ3H system as a candidate for further probing of the nucleon polarizabilities and shedding more light on the puzzle.
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Phys. Lett. B 755 (2016) 380-386
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