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Leptonic decays of D-wave vector quarkonia

Andreas Krassnigg,
Maria Gomez-Rocha,
Thomas Hilger
We give a short and basic introduction to our covariant Dyson-Schwinger-Bethe-Salpeter-equation approach using a rainbow-ladder truncated model of QCD, in which we investigate the leptonic decay properties of heavy quarkonium states in the pseudoscalar and vector channels. Comparing the magnitudes of decay constants, we identify radial 1-- excitations in our calculation with experimental excitations of J/\Psi and \Upsilon. Particular attention is paid to those states regarded as D-wave states in the quark model. We predict e+e- decay width of the \Upsilon(1^3D_1) and \Upsilon(2^3D_1) states of the order of ca. 15 eV or more. We also provide a set of predictions for decay constants of pseudoscalar radial excitations in heavy quarkonia.