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Electromagnetic M1 transition strengths from inelastic proton scattering: The cases of 48Ca and 208Pb

J. Birkhan,
H. Matsubara,
P. von Neumann-Cosel,
N. Pietralla,
V. Yu. Ponomarev,
A. Richter,
A. Tamii,
J. Wambach
Inelastic proton scattering at energies of a few hundred million electron volts and extreme forward angles selectively excite the isovector spin-flip M1 (IVSM1) resonance. A method based on isospin symmetry is presented to extract its electromagnetic transition strength from the (p,p′) cross sections. It is applied to 48Ca, a key case for an interpretation of the quenching phenomenon of the spin-isospin response, and leads to a M1 strength consistent with an older (e,e′) experiment excluding the almost two times larger value from a recent (γ,n) experiment. Good agreement with electromagnetic probes is observed in 208Pb, suggesting the possibility of extracting systematic information on the IVSM1 resonance in heavy nuclei.
Date of publication: 
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Phys. Rev. C 93, 041302 (2016)