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Relating the strangeness content of the nucleon with the mass shift of the phi meson in nuclear matter

Philipp Gubler
Keisuke Ohtani
The behavior of the phi meson at finite density is studied, making use of a QCD sum rule approach in combination with the maximum entropy method. It is demonstrated that a possible mass shift of the phi in nuclear matter is strongly correlated to the strangeness content of the nucleon, which is proportional to the strange sigma term, sigma_{sN}. In contrast to earlier studies, our results show that, depending on the value of sigma_{sN} , the phi meson could receive both a positive or negative mass shift at nuclear matter density. We find that these results depend only weakly on potential modifications of the width of the phi meson peak and on assumptions made on the behavior of four-quark condensates at finite density.
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AIP Conf.Proc. 1701 (2016) 080004