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Resumming large higher-order corrections in non-linear QCD evolution

E. Iancu, J.D. Madrigal, A.H. Mueller, G. Soyez, D.N. Triantafyllopoulos
Linear and non-linear QCD evolutions at high energy suffer from severe issues related to convergence, due to higher order corrections enhanced by large double and single transverse logarithms. We resum double logarithms to all orders by taking into account successive soft gluon emissions strongly ordered in lifetime. We further resum single logarithms generated by the first non-singular part of the splitting functions and by the one-loop running of the coupling. The resulting collinearly improved BK equation admits stable solutions, which are used to successfully fit the HERA data at small- x for physically acceptable initial conditions and reasonable values of the fit parameters.
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Nucl. and Part. Phys. Proc. 276-278 (2016) 209