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Axions at the crossroads: QCD, dark matter, astrophysics

Registration closed 06/11/2017.


Susan Driessen
+39 0461 314722
Monday, 20 November, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, 24 November, 2017 - 13:00
ECT* Conference room

The aim of the workshop is to review and discuss the recent advances in the study of axions and future perspectives, ranging from their theoretical underpinning, over their indirect observational consequences in astrophysics, to their direct detection in laboratory experiments. Searches for axions are strongly motivated by our attempts to understand one remaining mystery in the physics of strong interactions, the strong CP problem: in a nutshell, the very low neutron EDM constrains the CP violation to be unnaturally small. Axions might explain this and, at the same time, they will help to understand the nature of dark matter, and to explain puzzling astrophysical and particle physics observations. A rich, diverse, and lowcost experimental program is already underway that has the potential for one or more game-changing discoveries. The workshop is structured to address these issues in a synergic way and to stimulate discussions and collaborations among scientists working on axions from different perspectives.

Registration period: 
11 Sep 2017 to 05 Nov 2017


Maria Paola Lombardo INFN - LNF (I)
Alessandro Mirizzi University of Bari

Workshop Attendees

Berkowitz Evan Forschungszentrum Julich Germany
Bonati Claudio Dipartimento di Fisica Universita di Pisa Italia
Cicoli Michele Universita di Bologna Italy
Crescini Nicolo University of Padova-Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro Italy
Davidson Sacha IN2P3CNRS France
Dominguez Inma Universidad de Granada Spain
Ernst Anne DESY Germany
Fischer Horst ALU-Freiburg Germany
Fonseca Nayara DESY Germany
Gatti Claudio LNF-INFN Italia
Giannotti Maurizio barry university United States
Gorghetto Marco SISSA Italy
Hollik Wolfgang DESY Germany
Jeong Junu KAIST Republic of Korea
Klaer Vincent TU-Darmstadt Germany
Laha Ranjan Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany
Lamanna Gianluca University of Pisa Italy
Leardini Sara Universita degli Studi di Padova Italy
Ligi Carlo INFN - LNF Italy
Lindner Axel DESY Germany
Lombardo Maria Paola INFN Italia
Mirizzi Alessandro University of Bari - INFN Bari Italy
Montanino Daniele Universita del Salento Italy
Polosa Antonio Davide Sapienza University of Rome Italy
Redondo Javier Universidad de Zaragoza Spain
Rinaldi Enrico RIKEN BNL Research Center United States
Ringwald Andreas Deutsches Elektronen-Synchtrotron DESY Germany
Roncadelli Marco INFN Italy
Rybka Gray University of Washington USA
Saviano Ninetta Mainz Universitat Germany
Sharma Sayantan Brookhaven National Lab USA
Sigl Gunter University of Hamburg II Institut for theoretical Physics Germany
Steffen Frank MPI for Physics Munich Germany
Straniero Oscar INAF Italy
Ubaldi Lorenzo SISSA Italy
Villadoro Giovanni ICTP Italy
Vogel Hendrik SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Unites States
Wickenbrock Arne Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz Germany
YOUN Sungwoo Institute for Basic Science South Korea
Zappala Dario INFN - Sezione Catania Italy