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Hadrons at O(alpha_s^0) in QCD

Paul Hoyer
03 May 2013 - 14:00
Villa Tambosi 2nd Floor, Seminar Room

Hadrons are highly relativistic bound states of QCD, which contain an inifinite sea of quark-antiquark pairs. Nevertheless, data shows that hadrons can be classified similarly to atoms, and are qualitatively described by the non-relativistic quark model. I discuss how these features may arise in QCD if the strong coupling freezes in the infrared, alpha_s(Q=0)=0.5. Hadrons may then be calculated via a perturbative expansion around "Born" states bound only by a linear potential given by Gauss' law for A^0. The O(alpha_s^0) Born states are Poincaré covariant and can serve as |in> and <out| states of scattering amplitudes. Their Dirac-type wave functions include quark pair creation/annihilation effects and have a sea-like parton distribution at low x_Bj.