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Effective Field Theory Techniques


Serena degli Avancini
+39 0461 314723
Monday, 24 June, 2019 - 08:00 to Friday, 12 July, 2019 - 18:00
ECT* Rustico School room 2nd floor

The 2019 ECT* Doctoral Training Program Effective Field Theory Techniques (EFTT) will focus on techniques and applications of effective field theories in sub-atomic physics. The aim of the EFTT program is to guide participants from the basic underpinnings of low-energy effective field theories describing regimes of quantum systems, through to state-of-the-art techniques applied to perform precision calculations in quantum chromodynamics and the standard model. This will include techniques for describing jets at the LHC, precision heavy-flavor physics, nuclear forces from lattice QCD calculations, operator analyses for the search for physics beyond the standard model, along with new insights into quantum gauge theories. Upon completion of the EFTT program, participants are anticipated to have a thorough understanding of the foundations of modern effective field theory techniques, with the potential to contribute to current and future research questions.

The EFTT program will run for three weeks, from June 24 through July 12, 2019 with  two presenters each week, each providing about 7 hours of lectures, supplemented with exercises.

Students will have opportunities to interact with the presenters and organizers outside the presentations, tutorials, and problem-solving sessions. In addition, ECT* scientists will be available to assist in tutorials and problem-solving sessions. Students will have access to the computing facilities of ECT*. This EFTT program is aimed at students who are in the process of obtaining a Ph.D. in sub-atomic physics, or related areas. Enquiries can be addressed to: ECT* staff Serena degli Avancini and for scientific matters to Professor Martin Savage and Professor Roxanne Springer


  • Martin Savage (INT & University of Washington, USA)   
  • Roxanne Springer (Duke University, USA)   
Registration period: 
20 Dec 2018 to 29 Mar 2019


Silas Beane University of Washington (USA)
Nora Brambilla TU München (Germany)
Martha Constantinou Temple University (USA)
Monica Pate Harvard University (USA)
Frank Tackmann DESY (Germany)
Brian Tiburzi City College of New York (USA)