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Off-shell renormalization in the presence of dimension 6 derivative operators. I. General theory

Daniele Binosi, Andrea Quadri
The consistent recursive subtraction of UV divergences order by order in the loop expansion for spontaneously broken effective field theories with dimension-6 derivative operators is presented for an Abelian gauge group. We solve the Slavnov-Taylor identity to all orders in the loop expansion by homotopy techniques and a suitable choice of invariant field coordinates (named bleached variables) for the linearly realized gauge group. This allows one to disentangle the gauge-invariant contributions to off-shell 1-PI amplitudes from those associated with the gauge-fixing and (generalized) non-polynomial field redefinitions (that do appear already at one loop). The tools presented can be easily generalized to the non-Abelian case.
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J. High Energ. Phys. (2019) 2019: 32