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Alexis Diaz-Torres

ECT* Senior Research Associate
  • ECT*, Strada delle Tabarelle 286, 38123 Villazzano (TN) Italy
Scientific activity

Quantum decoherence in nuclear reaction dynamics, Interconnecting nuclear structure and reaction physics, Coupling assisted quantum tunnelling and formation of new elements in astrophysically important collisions involving heavy ions and exotic nuclei. Formation and decay mechanisms of the heaviest nuclei. Time-dependent quantal approaches, such as the coupled-channels density-matrix method and the time-dependent wave-packet method, are used.

Please find in ResearchGate ( the complete list of my publications with access to them.

Selected publications

  • PLATYPUS: a code for reaction dynamics of weakly-bound nuclei at near-barrier energies within a classical dynamical model, A. Diaz-Torres, Computer Physics Communications 182 (2011) 1100-1104.

  • Coupled-channels density-matrix approach to low-energy collision dynamics: A technique for quantifying quantum decoherence effects on reaction observables, A. Diaz-Torres, Physical Review C 82 (2010) 054617-1-6.
  • Solving the two-center nuclear shell-model problem with arbitrarily oriented deformed potentials,  A. Diaz-Torres, Physical Review Letters 101 (2008) 122501-1-4.

  • Relating breakup and incomplete fusion of weakly-bound nuclei through a classical trajectory model with stochastic breakup, A. Diaz-Torres, D.J. Hinde, J.A. Tostevin, M. Dasgupta and L.R. Gasques, Physical Review Letters 98 (2007) 152701-1-4.
  • Effects of nuclear molecular configurations on the astrophysical S-factor for 16O + 16O, A. Diaz-Torres, L.R. Gasques and M. Wiescher, Physics Letters B 652 (2007) 255-258.
  • Two center shell model with Woods-Saxon potentials: adiabatic and diabatic states in fusion, A. Diaz-Torres and W. Scheid, Nuclear Physics A 757 (2005) 373-389.
  • Shell corrections for finite depth potentials with bound states only, A. Diaz-Torres, Physics Letters B 594 (2004) 69-75.
  • Effect of continuum couplings in fusion of halo 11Be on 208Pb around the Coulomb barrier, A. Diaz-Torres and I.J. Thompson, Physical Review C 65 (2002) 024606-1-6.
  • Melting or nucleon transfer in fusion of heavy nuclei?, A. Diaz-Torres, G.G. Adamian, N.V. Antonenko and W. Scheid, Physics Letters B 481 (1999) 228-235.
  • Level density and collective enhancement factor of a compound nucleus in a non-adiabatic approach, A. Diaz-Torres, F. Guzman-Martinez and R. Rodriguez-Guzman, Zeitschrift fuer Physik A 354 (1996) 409-416.
ECT* publications
Published in: EPJ Web of Conferences 117 (2016) 08002
Published in: Physical Review C 93 (2016) 024604
Published in: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 590 (2015) 012057


Invited Seminar at the University of Surrey, UK
Invited Talk at the ECT* Workshop "Towards Consistent Approaches for Nuclear Structure and Reactions", Trento, Italy
Invited Talk at the Third Topical Workshop on Modern Aspects in Nuclear Structure, Bormio, Italy
Colloquium at the Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics, Heidelberg, Germany
Invited Talk at the International Workshop "HIB@LNS", Catania, Italy
Invited Seminar at the ITP of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Invited Seminar at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing, China
Invited Talk at the International Workshop "Physics of Strong Interaction", Guilin, China
Invited Seminar at the Guangxi Normal University, Guilin, China
Talk at the Humboldt Kolleg "Interfacing Structure and Reaction Dynamics in the Synthesis of the Heaviest Nuclei", Trento, Italy