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Ralf-Arno Tripolt

Scientific activity

I am interested in phenomenological aspects of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) at finite temperature and chemical potential. Based on the non-perturbative Functional Renormalization Group (FRG) approach, I am studying spectral functions and in-medium modifications of hadrons using effective models.

ECT* publications
Seminar talk at the University of Graz
Seminar talk at LNF - INFN, Frascati
Seminar talk at Heidelberg University
Seminar talk at Giessen University
Seminar talk at TU Darmstadt
ECT* Seminar at TIFPA
International School of Nuclear Physics - Nuclear matter under extreme conditions - Relativistic heavy-ion collisions, Erice, Sicily
ECT* Workshop on "Advances in transport and response properties of strongly interacting systems"