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ECT* researchers' talks


Role of diabaticity in reactions forming heavy elements

Talk at the Humboldt Kolleg "Interfacing Structure and Reaction Dynamics in the Synthesis of the Heaviest Nuclei", Trento, Italy, 01 Sep 2015

Moments of phi meson spectral functions in vacuum and nuclear matter

Seminar, Nuclear theory group, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, 25 Aug 2015
Author: Philipp Gubler

Dense baryonic matter and the functional renormalisation group

Invited talk, Nuclear theory seminar, Stony Brook University, NY, USA, 06 Aug 2015
Author: Wolfram Weise

Predicting reaction observables from back-scattering measurements in low-energy heavy-ion collisions

Invited Talk at the International Conference "Nuclear Structure and Related Topics", Dubna, Russia, 16 Jul 2015

Nuclear phases, neutron stars and the functional renormalization group

Invited talk at the RIKEN - Nishina seminar, Riken, Japan, 14 Jul 2015
Author: Wolfram Weise

Resumming large higher order corrections to the evolution of the CGC

Talk at the conference "Hard Probes", Montreal, Canada, 02 Jul 2015

Quantifying low-energy fusion dynamics of weakly bound nuclei

Invited Plenary Talk at the 12th International Conference Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, Catania, Italy, 25 Jun 2015

Fermionic Nambu-Goldstone mode and (quasi-) supersymmetry breaking at finite temperature in QCD and cold atoms

Cold Atoms Meet High Energy Physics, ECT*, 23 Jun 2015
Author: Daisuke Satow

Flavor structure of lambda baryons from lattice QCD

1st Hadron Spanish Network Days and Spanish-Japanese JSPS Workshop, Valencia, Spain, 15 Jun 2015
Author: Philipp Gubler

Quantifying low-energy reaction dynamics of weakly bound nuclei

Invited Talk at the International Workshop "Weakly Bound Exotic Nuclei", Natal, Brazil , 29 May 2015