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ECT* researchers' talks


Nambu-Goldstone Fermion Mode in Quark-Gluon Plasma and Bose-Fermi Cold Atom System

Talk at Intersection Between QCD and Condensed Matter, Schladming, Austria, 05 Mar 2015
Author: Daisuke Satow

Chiral effective field theories and phases of QCD

Invited talk at the HHIQCD2015 Symposium, Yukawa Institute for theoretical Physics, Kyoto, Japan, 04 Mar 2015
Author: Wolfram Weise

Photon and Dilepton Production in Semi-QGP and its effect on elliptic flow

Invited talk at Frontiers of Hadronic Physics: Brains circulate Three, BNL, US, 25 Feb 2015
Author: Daisuke Satow

Insights into the low-energy elastic scattering of halo nuclei

Invited Talk at WONP-NURT 2015, Havana, Cuba, 13 Feb 2015


Low-energy reaction dynamics of heavy-ions and exotic nuclei: Solving important issues from a time-dependent perspective

Invited Seminar at MSU, USA, 02 Dec 2014

The Boltzmann equation in classical field theory

Seminar at IPht, Saclay, France, 01 Dec 2014

From quarks to nuclei and neutron stars

Physics Colloquium, University of Wuppertal, Germany, 17 Nov 2014
Author: Wolfram Weise

Time-dependent few-body approaches to low-energy reaction dynamics of rare isotopes

Invited Talk at the ECT* Workshop "From Nuclear Structure to Particle-Transfer Reactions and Back II", Trento, Italy, 12 Nov 2014

Low-energy QCD with strange quarks - from antikaon-nuclear interactions to hyperons in neutron stars

Invited talk, Symposium "What next LNF: Prospectives of Fundamental Physics at the Frascati Laboratory", 10 Nov 2014
Author: Wolfram Weise

Pending issues in low-energy strong interactions with strangeness

Invited talk, ECT* Workshop "Achievements and Perspectives in Low-Energy QCD with Strangeness", 27 Oct 2014
Author: Wolfram Weise