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ECT* researchers' talks


Quantifying quantum dynamics in slow nuclear collisions

Colloquium at the University of Notre Dame, USA, 29 Feb 2012


Evolution of higher-point correlations in the CGC

Seminar at IPht, Saclay, France, 09 Dec 2011

Dynamical gluon mass and the IR sector of QCD

Invited seminar at the "Federal University of ABC" (Santo André, Sao Paulo, Brazil), 07 Dec 2011
Author: Daniele Binosi

QCD Confinement and Schwinger-Dyson equations (part I: theory)

Invited talk at conference "Strongly Coupled QCD: The Confinement Problem" (November 28 - 30 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) , 28 Nov 2011
Author: Daniele Binosi

Reaction dynamics of weakly-bound nuclei at near-barrier energies

Invited Talk at International Workshop on Selected Topics in Nuclear and Atomic Physics, Fiera di Primiero, Italy, 04 Oct 2011

The dynamical equation of the effective gluon mass

Talk at conference "QCD-TNTN-II: International Workshop on QCD Green's Functions, Confinement and Phenomenology" (September 5 - 9 Trento, Italy), 06 Sep 2011
Author: Daniele Binosi

Quantum decoherence in low-energy nuclear reaction dynamics?

Invited Talk at the ECT* Workshop on Speakable in Quantum Mechanics: Atomic, Nuclear and Sub-nuclear Physics Tests, Trento, Italy, 01 Sep 2011

Parton saturation in Quantum Chromodynamics

Seminar at University of Cyprus, Nicosia, 16 Jun 2011

NLO BFKL with saturation boundary: pathologies and solutions

Talk at the Workshop "Standard and novel QCD phenomena at hadron colliders", Trento, Italy, 02 Jun 2011

Forward and Mueller-Navelet jets

Talk at the Workshop "Excited QCD 2011", Les Houches, France, 21 Feb 2011