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ECT* researchers' talks


Ab initio studies of nuclear matter from a Green's function approach

Seminar given at the University of Manchester, 14 February 2018, 14 Feb 2018
Author: Arianna Carbone


The "Resonances Via Padé" Method

Talk at Reimei 2017 Workshop in Tokai, Japan, 11 Dec 2017

Nonequilibrium quark production in the expanding QCD plasma

Seminar at the University of Giessen, 06 Dec 2017
Author: Naoto Tanji

In-Medium Spectral Functions with the Functional Renormalization Group

Talk at Workshop "Phase diagram of strongly interacting matter: From Lattice QCD to Heavy-Ion Collision Experiments", 30 Nov 2017

Two-nucleon correlations in light exotic nuclei: The 11O case

Seminar at Seville University, Spain, 24 Nov 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

Spectral functions from the Functional Renormalization Group

Seminar - Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa, 16 Nov 2017
Author: Jochen Wambach

Matter under Extreme Conditions

Distinguished lecture - Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa, 15 Nov 2017
PDF: PDF icon Lisbon.pdf
Author: Jochen Wambach

Linking structure and dynamics in (p,pn) reactions with two-neutron halo nuclei

Seminar at ECT* Board meeting, 13 Oct 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

Description of (p,pN) reactions induced by Borromean nuclei

XVI International Meeting on "Selected Topics in Nuclear and Atomic Physics", Fiera di Primiero (TN), Italy, 06 Oct 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

Effective-particle approach to bound states of quarks and gluons in QCD

XVII International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy and Structure September 25th-29th 2017 Salamanca, Spain, 25 Sep 2017