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ECT* researchers' talks


Three-body radiative capture reactions

International conference "Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VIII (NPA8)", LNS Catania, Italy, 19 Jun 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

The "Resonances Via Padé" Method

Talk at ECT*, 12 Jun 2017

Linking structure and reaction dynamics of Borromean nuclei

Seminar at Padova University, Italy, 08 Jun 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

In-Medium Vector-Meson Spectral Functions with the Functional Renormalization Group

Talk at Workshop "Space-like and time-like electromagnetic baryonic transitions", 11 May 2017

Hadrons in Extreme QCD Matter

ECT* - Space-like and time-like electromagnetic baryonic excitations, 08 May 2017
Author: Jochen Wambach

Meson Propagation in Nuclear Matter

Lectures at the Galileo Galilei Institute, Florence - 'Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics`, 23 Mar 2017
Author: Jochen Wambach

The "Resonances Via Padé" Method

Seminar talk at the University of Graz, 22 Mar 2017

The "Resonances Via Padé" Method

Seminar talk at LNF - INFN, Frascati, 28 Feb 2017

Binding force in heavy quarkonium

Bound states in QCD and beyond II, St. Goar Conference 2017, 21 Feb 2017

Structure properties of 10,11Li from (p,pn) and (p,d) reactions

ECT* workshop on "Unraveling the complexity of nuclear systems: single-particle and collective aspects through the looking glass", 07 Feb 2017
Author: Jesus Casal