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ECT* researchers' talks


Effective-particle approach to bound states of quarks and gluons in heavy-flavor QCD

Seminar at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, 22 Sep 2017

Numerical analytic continuation of Euclidean data

Talk at COST-THOR Workshop in Swansea, 13 Sep 2017

In-Medium Spectral Functions with the Functional Renormalization Group

Talk at Workshop "Functional Methods in Hadron and Nuclear Physics", 23 Aug 2017

Spectral Functions from the Functional Renormalization Group

CPOD-2017 Stony Brook University, New York, 07 Aug 2017
Author: Jochen Wambach

Effective-particle approach to heavy-flavor QCD

ECT* workshop: "The Charm and Beauty of Strong Interactions", 25 Jul 2017

Linking structure and dynamics in (p,pn) reactions with Borromean nuclei

3rd International Workshop on "Quasi-free Scattering with Radioactive-Ion Beams (QFS-RB17)", York, United Kingdom, 24 Jul 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

Three-body radiative capture reactions

International conference "Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VIII (NPA8)", LNS Catania, Italy, 19 Jun 2017
Author: Jesus Casal

The "Resonances Via Padé" Method

Talk at ECT*, 12 Jun 2017

Linking structure and reaction dynamics of Borromean nuclei

Seminar at Padova University, Italy, 08 Jun 2017
Author: Jesus Casal